Why us

We charge per job, not per hour. We don't think that maintenance charges should be comparable to the "how long's a piece of string?" rhetorical question. We understand that it's nice to know where you stand from the get go.

Short Let Management Companies:

We truly understand the twofold responsibility that you have to both Hosts and Guests. Dealing with maintenance matters efficiently and providing detailed reports are the unexpected foundations of Guest and Host satisfaction.

We want to take the hassle away for you. That way, you can focus on your core service of generating a revenue for Hosts on Short Let Platforms. We understand the formula:

Happy Guest + Great Feedback = Happy Host

Great Workmanship + Detailed Reports and Videos + Reasonable Prices = Happy Host

Home Owners:

Whether you have requested for us to send over a Handyman, Electrician or Plumber they will always be courteous and clean up after themselves. All our Contractors are fully qualified in each of their fields so you have the ease of mind of knowing that your house is in the safest of hands. We will always take the time to explain the issues to you and provide you with your options

Landlords & Estate Agents:

We understand that you rent out your properties in order to generate a profit and have no wish to spend all of your income on maintenance works. For this reason, you will always know what the cost of work is before it's carried out. We can also help ensure that you are 'on the right side of the law' and that your rental(s) are legally compliant and are 'safe for purpose'.