You have decided it’s time to brighten up your home or workplace and have announced your DIY intentions. You envision yourself gracefully applying paint to the walls in short and long short brush strokes. You put on a painting YouTube video and realise that Step 1 entails sanding down walls and ceilings for hours. Your dreams have been shattered. Get in touch with us so you can focus on doing fun things, like picking what colours you would like us to use.

We understand that painting walls is 10% of a painting job. We won’t just spend a couple of hours painting your walls with fresh paint and then send you the Invoice. We ensure that each job is properly assessed and all cracks and imperfections are considered and made good before handing a job over

We understand there is nothing worse than discovering paint dotted around your home once a painting job has finished. Our painters are equipped with protective sheets, which will be neatly laid over your floors and furniture

Get in touch

Feel free to email us, call us or use our online form - whatever is easier for you.

All of our painting teams come with a Plasterer to ensure that walls/ceilings that need more attention receive it.

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Get in touch

Reach out to us by phone or email. We're easy. Let us know what needs painting, with pictures, and we can arrange for a Quote to be sent to you


Our Quote will itemise each of the items that require painting so that you can pick what items you would like us to paint


Once you have given us the green light, we'll get the work scheduled in and our Painters will arrive with all their tools and materials. They will complete the job quickly and efficiently

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