Anti-Viral Sanitation

FIXAS are now offering anti-viral sanitation for homes and businesses.

With everything happening in the world right now, it's more important than ever that our homes and offices are sanitised and safe to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Our anti-sanitation service will be carried out by experts in protective gear, who will use a CERTIFIED anti-viral solution which kills enveloped viruses, including COVID-19 and a whole host of over viruses. Here's what you need to know: ✓ We use a certified anti-viral spray which is efficient in disinfecting surfaces and has been proven efficient in eradicating enveloped viruses including COVID-19. ✓ If there are people within the property which is bring sanitised, we will ask them to either wait in a room which is not being sanitised or if the entire property is being dis-infected you will be asked to wait in the garden or anywhere outside. ✓ A member of our team will spray down all surfaces, or use a fogger until we are satisfied that the disinfectant has reached every surface. ✓ We must then wait 10 minutes to allow the chemical to activate and kill any viruses present. ✓ Once 10 minutes has passed, we will then wipe down all surfaces with a dry fibre cloth ✓ This is a certified non-toxic solution and it is safe to return to your home or business almost immediately.

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Anti-Viral Sanitation