5 Ways To Add Value To Your Property When Trying To Achieve AirBnb Plus Status

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When deciding you want to rent your home out on Airbnb Plus, it’s wise to think about the ways that you can add value to your property. The more your house is worth, the more you’ll be able to rent it out for. Remember, travellers are looking for one-of-a-kind homes that have the luxury feel of a hotel and the cosy feel of a home.

Here are some of the things we recommend you do to add value to your Airbnb property.

Invest in some thoughtfully arranged furniture

You know that timeless antique pieces that make a statement as soon as you walk into a room? That’s the sort of thing you should be looking for when embarking on your Airbnb Plus journey. Travellers want something unique from their Airbnb experience that they wouldn’t get from a hotel stay. It might be time to start flicking through some interior design magazines for some inspiration.

Put your green thumb to work

Don’t get so caught up in your home renovations that you end up neglecting your garden. Even small tidy-ups like removing weeds, replacing dead plants and freshening up the grass can make your garden look like it’s had a total transformation. As a bonus, try injecting some colour into your garden area with some coloured flowers.

Strong water pressure

When you’re travelling the last thing you want from a bathroom is a low pressure shower. Renovating your bathroom to make it that little bit more luxurious and comfortable will get your well on your way to becoming an Airbnb Plus host. Please note that some showers won’t work below certain pressure levels so check with a plumber before making any rash decisions. All of our FIXAS plumbers have the tools and qualifications needed to take great care or your pipes.

It’s time to paint and decorate

Applying a fresh coat of paint or paper to the walls is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to add value to your property. When you’re trying to get your home Airbnb Plus approved, don’t be afraid of bold colours and prints – it’s all about standing out.

When deciding it’s time to brighten up your property, try not to insist on going down the DIY route. It’s not as simple as YouTube tutorials make it look. Outsourcing the painting and decorating to FIXAS will mean that you can focus on doing fun things, like picking what colours you’d like to see on your walls.

Say hello to open plan living

Sometimes less is more. Rather than getting a brand new kitchen fitted in a minuscule space, knock down the dividing wall between the kitchen and the living room. When people are on holiday they want space to move around, they don’t want to be couped up in a tiny space – they can do that at home.

Need a handyman to add the finishing touches to your renovations? Things like fitting shelves, securing door handles and assembling furniture can all be done easily by the FIXAS maintenance team.